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Upcoming Book

I’ve been busy editing my upcoming book DevOps for SharePoint. The premise of my book, is to teach the IT Pros new skills and leverage the open source tool-chains out there to deploy and manage SharePoint Farms. I walk users through deployment of farms in both AWS and Azure. We then go through how to configure the farm all via Ansible.

Doing the DevSecOps Thing

I’ve been working on a super exciting project; it is all about security first, and not as an afterthought.

Helping an enterprise client secure cloud workloads in an automated fashion using tools like Terraform to provision the foundational networking cloud components.

I then use Ansible to configure hundreds of NAT Rules, Policies, Objects. In this project I’ve chosen CheckPoint Security Products.

Quick Stats:

  • 4 CheckPoint Management Servers across different Regions
  • 21 CheckPoint Gateways across different Azure Locations

I’ll be writing up a blog post soon on this…